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Buddy Program:

If your serious about fitness and to workout but you don’t want to workout alone then don’t worry this buddy program is for you it’s a free program available 7 days week contact for more info

Buddy program

Dumbbell full body workout

3 sets 10-15-20 rep 30-45 min goblet squat, lunges, cuban press, dumbbell deadlift,double arm bent tricep extension, isometric bicep hold and curl a 3 day routine m,w,f prices varies from $100 to 300 it depends get more info with free consultation contact


Home full body workout:

Wide pushup, incline pushup,diamond pushup, squat, calf raise,sit-up, plank 3 sets 14-20 rep repeat repeat failure with 2 min break available 5 days m-f prices varies $50-150 contact for more info

Weight lost

Lose 50lb in 10 days with my 7-10 program available 7days a week price $500 call for discussion contact info