GOAL: Open my own gym business in 5 years to help prevent all types of disease with my recipe.

MISSION: Grow my business with the  local community with warm introduction to explain, coach, demonstrate and engage with clients to  build relationship and add future business referrals. I want to expand my business worldwide to motivate and spread message about living longer so you can see your kids grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.


•Building relationship with clients to explain and demonstrate the Power of exercise.

•Provide health coaching and nutritional counseling to clients for improving certain health issue such diabetes,cancer,heart disease hypertension,obesity, depression, anxiety, and arthritis.

•Plan workout sessions specifically matching with individual age, height,weight and medical conditions

•Certified CPR/AED.

ABOUT: My name is Abdul Al Amin. I migrated to United State of America with my family from bangladesh in may of 1992 visa sponsorship by my Uncle’s. I love UFC, fitness, Sports, Outdoors, Cars and Women’s.

My fitness journey began two years ago. When i lost my mother due to diabetes. I couldn’t see her to give her proper burial. I was locked up in the Essex county correctional facility. They wouldn’t let me out to see her. That made me stressed, depressed, mentally and physically. I started exercising in jail to strengthen my body and be healthy. When i got out of jail, i had to recuperate with everything. I started to exercise everyday with routine got better and healthier. I seek god(allah) help for knowledge to educate other’s about the power of exercise which change my life forever. There’s lot to my story but I’m going to cut it short. I’m not selling you anything. This ain’t about money. It’s about spreading message to all the Americans that life is cut short due to physical inactivity. A fact I know exercise is the main cure to prevent all types of disease with my recipe. Physical activity became a part of my life. I’m very passionate about the fitness business. My main focus is to help other’s live a healthy lifestyle. I decided to make this website for the people to motivate and spread message about importance of exercise for greater benefit and quality of life. My recipe includes aerobics, weight -training, flexibility, balance & conditioning. If you want to know more let’s connect. amin@physicalabtivity.com

CONTACT: If you like to know more about me let’s connect via email, website and phone. amin@physicalabtivity.com https://physicalabtivity.com/blog 908 338 2378. You get tree consultation and information.

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