Eid al-Adha

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Every year, Muslims around the world remember Ibrahim(Abraham) loyalty and obedience to Allah. And because of that Ibrahim (Abraham) actions, Eid Al Adha also known as the Festival of Sacrifice.

The story about a prophet called Ibrahim (Abraham). Ibrahim had been told by Allah (God) that he must sacrifice his son Ishamel (Ishmael) to prove his faith to Allah.

Ibrahim decided to follow Allah’s command. The devil tried to convince him to disobey, but Ibrahim refused. He threw pebbles at the devil to make him leave. When Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son, he found that Allah had replaced Ishamel with a ram (though some say it was in fact a lamb). Ibrahim had proved his devotion to Allah, so his son was spared.

The important tradition for Eid al-Adha is sacrificing an animal, like a cow or goat, and donating the meat to the poor. Not all Muslims sacrifice an animal some Muslims buy special meat from shops and donate that instead or they donate money to charities that give special meat to others. This honor the story of Ibrahim and help those in need. Taking care of others is a very important part of being a Muslim.

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