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Practice freestyle

You know I been hit hard with the pandemic but I never let my head down with the situation . It made me more stronger and got me hooked with conscious awareness. We didn’t expect this to happen but it did and anything is possible so we gotta face this together and hope for better outcome. I’m sure we learn something from this so let’s stay positive and plan ahead for better days. If you trust in god then say AMEN!

The reason for this post is that I want to share with everyone my passion for music mainly Hip Hop. Even though I listen to all types of music but hip hop being my favorite. I grew up listening to hip hop rap music and I started learning free styling and rapping as a hobby. I go by the name of young 4reigner now it’s just 4reigner. I stop doing this long time ago, and now with the current situation I started to focus more on my music. I recorded this freestyle and I would like to share this with everyone it’s short and cut. Please don’t mind the world play it’s RAP.

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