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My first buddy client

I had a similar guest post last year with PoojaG like to give a shout to insomniacwithanaccent that’s one hell of a unique name. She guest post buddy program for me last year, so this year I decided to use similar post but it’s different. Last year I was the buddy offering free buddy program. This year I’m posting about why it’s good to workout with a buddy.

The gym have mirrors that can tell you so much. Having a workout buddy can assist you with a quick form checks and tell you if your back is sagging when you do your plank or if you leaning forward too much while you squatting. And that’s save you lots of pain going forward.

A workout buddy offers company and giving you competition that’s extremely helpful when you needs to push through that extra mile or squat. Workout buddy can be someone you can celebrate milestone with.

While some people like doing their fitness solo, so it helps you to keep on track and stay focused, while others enjoy working out with a buddy. And it’s because it helps them to stay motivated during workout, boosts their overall performance and they often feel they have. I agree workout buddy is some who can help achieve optimal fitness goal.

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