Pakistan America

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Yo it’s foreigner live from Pakistan and America it’s just a preview mutha fucka

First time I seen a gun in America it was 357

I seen bigger guns in Pakistan AK47

The law and order in America run by the government

The law and order in Pakistan run by the taliban

First time I got robbed in America with a fucking handgun

If you get robbed in Pakistan your whole head be done

First time got locked up in America I was treated with respect

If you get locked up in Pakistan you come out radical militant

If you get caught stealing in America you fucking do it again

Now you get caught stealing in Pakistan your hand is souvenir

When you fail school in America you get another chance

If you fail school in Pakistan you get 10 lash

First time I fucked a bitch in America I became a man

I was trying to have sex with a girl in Pakistan I woke up married when I was ten

The Alcohol, Weed, Cocaine in America its fucking addiction

The hashish, opium, brown sugar in Pakistan you get a life sentence

If you hit a women in America she going to fuck you back

If a women hit men in Pakistan you a god damn fag

Can you have more then one wife In America not a chance

You can have more then 4 wives in Pakistan so get ready to fuck them virgins

Preview upload track Pakistan America let me know how like it just be honest I will respect that. Stop playing bush