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Really Covid

This post is very unique from me because majority of my post are stay active related. This post is more towards Covid19 trump and bush. but if you think about this post, it gives us more ways to stay active because the Covid19 left about half American population on dead end. It’s because the president was to busy playing his bush. The Covid19 sent the first text message to the president he didn’t have his cell phone so he couldn’t reply back. He was to busy partying and celebrating new year with ex-president Bush.

It’s New year 2020 guess what he doing playing his bush. Covid sent another message it’s said 2020 get ready it’s PANDEMIC. President didn’t make no attempt he told the press the chinese text message saying they want Their money back. But he makes attempt for appointment so he can play with bush. I guess he didn’t have enough hair on his balls for trump to play bush. The covid19 was threat that should have been eliminated but he was still hiding and playing with his bush. The corona spread extra he still don’t see as a threat. Please needs to shut down America and guess what he doing calling bush. He partially shuts down America and what he do next calling bush.

We in middle of June and he still don’t know what’s going on but trump to busy still playing with his bush. Lot of places, restaurants, bars, and other types of businesses are closed or shift. But it’s possible to takeout and delivery only. Small, independent, local, and family-owned businesses are using social media’s to encourage people to support them. At this moment, it seems possible that many small businesses have to remain close for time being . This close can be temporary or might be permanent. What can be done about this? The president should have already eliminated the threat but he was to busy playing bush. #trump #bush #thanks #playingwithbush

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