Bench Press

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Speaking for myself and many others, bench press was best lift to perform when we began to lift. Hell, it still is but it’s taken a different form in the training. A powerlifter, strong bench is absolutely necessary for competition. The strongman and weightlifting, a strong bench support overall pressing strength. Bench press is the most popular lift in the gym. The upper body exercise that lets you lift the most weight and builds upper body strength like no other exercise cause it activates many muscle groups in the upper body. These muscles include the pecs, deltoids, triceps, forearms, hand muscles abdominal.

If you bench press correctly it can increase range of motion in your upper body and increase bone density. Bench Press is a free weight exercise, require more activation of smaller stabilizing muscles in the shoulders. Now chest press machine guides the movement through fixed plane. The fixed environment balancing and stabilizing is not necessary, making the chest press machine a good learning tool for the elementary movements of chest press. But fully develop strength and flexibility of the upper body a move to the Bench Press is necessary.

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