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We hear about cardiovascular exercise all the time and many of us take it for granted. The truth is cardiovascular exercise has physical and mental benefits. The best thing about cardio exercise just in case you didn’t know its really good for your heart. Its the most common types of exercise, and that’s a fact.

You may not know but the benefits of cardio is vast and amazing. Cardio exercise can help with your body and mind in number of different ways. If your not doing cardio then I suggest you get started and it might change your mind after you have read what I have to say. Normally, I would stop it here but I’ll continue.

We know cardio stands for cardiovascular exercise and it’s the main types of exercise we all can engage in. When you do cardio you working out your heart and circulatory system. Therefore, when you do exercises that strain your heart and cardiovascular system or make them work harder than normal, you are doing cardio. Cardio can include things like bicycling, jogging, swimming, running, stair climbing or other running sports like soccer or even circuit training.

General speaking, any exercise that raises your heart rate to 50 or 75 percent of your maximum heart rate is considered to be cardiovascular exercise. If you are moving around and realize that your heart is pounding fast and hard and that your chest is heaving up and down, you can rest assured that you are working out your cardiovascular system. My time is up to be continue stay tune for 10 benefit of cardiovascular exercise.

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  1. The saying I like is ‘anything is better than nothing’. Often people don’t exercise thinking that if they don’t do it for an hour, then it’s not a proper workout.

    What they’re missing out on is the cumulative effect. Fifteen minutes of cardio every day can turn out to be pretty significant in a month!

    Love that your post is inspiring people to move. Keep sharing!

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    1. Thanks bro, i appreciate the comment it means lot. Im just writing to get people to understand the importance of being active and how serious is when your inactive. I been here for almost a year and Don’t have big followers but that don’t bother me. Newayz be safe and stay healthy.


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