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The current situation got me looking ahead on July like what’s the situation going to be on the ten. It got me thinking last night like 7 clock minute 10 about my own creative idea, I came up with last year on July ten. The idea was to help other’s stay in shape, be healthy and live long. I woke up this morning at 7 and I did my basic warmup and had to finish my minute 10.

This whole 7-10 idea was to get people understand the basic of physical activity and why it’s important to stay active, be consistent, be dedicated, put in time and effort. And from there I was born on July 10. I was able to spread the message to everyone, some thought I was crazy, and some thought I wasn’t serious. But honestly, that actually made me serious and I kept my idea to my self and for my clients that knew i was serious.

This 7-10 program is for men, women, children from all age group from East, West, South, North, Central , Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and I don’t care if you burpees. Did i just say that, I meant to say Burmese and damn I almost spilled the beans. It’s a very simple way to start the basic 30 days beginners morning workout from cardio to full body workout to upper body, lower body, and abdominal. And there’s more but it all start with you slowly and gradually getting yourself into a routine.

What’s the 7- 10 program? This program is to be continued. Stay tune for the next post, I will get more in-depth with seven ten, other components, and more additional tools. I hope everyone is well! Be safe, stay healthy and god bless to all.

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