Multiple Choice

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I always had a hard time deciding between two choices. My options for pursuing one goal or another, but I want to go after both. Maybe it’s my need to overachieve or overprove. Maybe it’s my hunger to add value to my clients and I, therefore, think I need to do everything possible. Maybe it’s my constant urge to grow and develop my best self.

I don’t know what drives my indecision, and I realize it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that by chasing after both goals and I run the risk of catching neither.

I usually see my clients struggle with the same pull, they want to do it all but end up doing very little. I also see their organizations set employees up to fail. They challenge the sales team to cut their costs significantly while they get new clients and close new deals or they put operations against sales with opposing goals. Or sales against IT. Or IT against the finance department.

I think, instead, we need to choose what we pursue. We need to consider our options, the end results we really need, the strengths within us or our team, and then pick one and give it all we’ve got.

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