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Let’s all admit it, we do not like leg workout at home or gym. I know i didn’t at first but i got used to it. And one of the most defamed legworkouts of all time are lunges. They truly give you a hard time. The lunges makes the workout worth the pain. The best part about lunges is that it doesn’t require any equipment, is very safe and easy to learn. Lunges help you strengthen your lower body, increase core strength, muscle tissue and help you get the perfect buttocks you want.

How to do a proper lunge? It’s very important to practice lunges properly. Not doing it properly can put too much pressure on your joints and may result in an injury. Here’s how you must do a proper lunge:

1. Stand straight, keep your upper body straight, shoulders relaxed and chin up.

2. Keep one leg forward, lower your hips till both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Make sure that your knee is in line with your ankles

3. Make sure that the other knee does not touch the floor.

4. Keep your body weight on the heels.

5. Now switch feet and repeat the same.

Now you have an idea of  how a lunge should be practiced, now what’s the benefit of doing proper lunges.

1. Core stability

2. Better balance

3. Strengthens legs and buttocks

4. Hip flexibility

5. Better spinal health

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