Children should exercise

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Growing up, i didn’t like exercise I had better things to do. Like what? hanging out with the fellas and getting girls. Man, please this ain’t about you stick to the topic. Damn bro, so mean you need to smile more it’s good for your health.

Most children enjoy being physically active, and the exercise they get while they play contributes to the development of strong bones and muscles. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of barriers to exercise for kids in today’s modern world. Television and video games, parents who work long hours, cuts to the physical education programs and recess in public schools and unsafe neighborhoods can make it difficult for kids to get the minimum amount of exercise they need to be healthy.

Most children should get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise every day Their periods of activity can be broken into multiple sessions as long as they add up to about an hour of exercise. And unlike adults, children do not need to follow regimented exercise programs designed to achieve specific results. Simply moving around, running and jumping and climbing are generally sufficient to meet their needs. Typical playground games will increase your child’s endurance, flexibility and strength.

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