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Hope everyone is safe and well. I pray to God (Allah) for your well-being. I been quarantine and I’m not infected. Im doing it  for my family’s and friend’s. It’s for safety of others and it’s the right thing to do. Physical fitness is important for those of us trying to keep calm with anxiety and maintain a sense of normalcy and well-being. At the same time, it’s important to prioritize safety and social distancing.

As more and more businesses close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, going out to perform routine daily tasks is growing more difficult. That includes gym time. Around the globe, gyms are shuttering for the time being and for good reason. Communal machinery and weights are an easy way to spread germs. A lot of people jammed into a small space isn’t an appropriate way to combat the spread of a viral disease.

If you’re someone who relies on workout time to keep you focused at work and mentally well, this can be especially jarring. Luckily, plenty of companies are coming to the rescue to provide free service to their workout apps and online programs.

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