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Sometime my one ear sometime both ear hear ringing, hissing, whistling, clicking, roaring and chirping. It’s like im losing my mind, what’s happening. It’s like perception of sound but no external sound is present. Oh damn,  I’m Tinnitus. It’s a symptom of underlying condition, age related hearing loss, ear injury or circulation system disorder. it’s presence can affect your day to day life as well as your mental health. Damn, I need physical Abtivity. I’m right here buddy.

Exercise, Physical Ab-Activity, might have an effect on not only tinnitus, but on a person’s ability to deal with its symptoms.Though physical exercise is often helpful, certain relaxation techniques might be just as beneficial. Exercises ranging from deep breathing to progressive muscle relaxation to guided imagery can have a positive effect on your tinnitus symptoms and their manifestations. What do you want me to do? Should I go see Physical Abtivity. I’m right here buddy. I told you what I know, other then that, I would go see the doctor.

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