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Schizophrenia is a chronic severe brain disorder and is considered one of the most challenging mental diseases. The symptoms are severe that include hallucinations, sensory alterations, an altered sense of self, and changes in emotion and behavior. Those with schizophrenia find it difficult to hold down a job or other major responsibilities due to the symptoms. But their cycle can be altered, like when they are drowsy during the day, and alert at night.

Can exercise help with schizophrenia and what role exercise can play in the treatment of schizophrenia. Doing 12 weeks of aerobics training can significantly improve brain functioning in persons with schizophrenia. The aerobic workouts on treadmills and exercise bikes, in addition to taking medication. Some of the areas which most benefited included patients working memory and ability to comprehend social situations. And more exercise leads to better cognitive functioning

The regular therapy improved cognitive functioning is vital, because this issue was one of the biggest delay to patients being able to function at work or social situation. Moreover, medications do not work on cognitive deficits. They stated that their search to treat this aspect of the illness has led them to conclude that physical exercise could be at least one solution. Using exercise from the earliest stages of the illness could reduce the likelihood of long term disability, and functional recovery for patients. So exercise is one complementary therapy that may be promising in helping reduce symptoms of schizophrenia. Also important lifestyle choices are recommended by sticking to a routine, reducing stress through mindfulness based activities, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

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