Impress Girl at Gym

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How to impress a girl at the gym. With spring upon us and holidays on the horizon the race into the gym is officially on. Whether you’re enduring fitness boot camps, disco spinning classes or just sweating to beat your own drum at the gym, everybody is getting into shape for the season. The gym can be a fantastic place to impress a girl. But it’s not without a risks. Here’s some simple to follow rules, to help impress a girl the right way:

1. Eye Contact

We know there’s body involved, but please don’t forget the eyes! Eye contact is an absolute must, if you are hoping to start a conversation.

2. Distance

Show your independence and let the cross room glances turn up the heat. You’ll both be more comfortable speaking later if there’s a little distance during the heavy sweating. Let her wonder where you are in the room and keep leave the close-ups for the breaks.

3. Schedule

Take a note of times you often bump into the same people and make those incidental moments a regular occurrence.

4. Advice

You’ve scoped each other out a few times, and keep seeing each other. What next? How about asking some advice about the machine you’re using or technique you’re struggling with? Use the setting to open a dialogue and see where it takes you!

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