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First of all, I pray to God(Allah)to keep every body safe and bless them all. How can gym and fitness center can help prevent spread of COVID-19. Even before the start of COVID-19, the gyms and fitness centers have been the perfect breeding ground for contracting  viral, bacterial or fungal infection. This is a place where exercise equipment and bathroom facilities are shared by strangers. Saliva droplets, moist bathroom surfaces, moldy mats and benches pose the risk of infection for a plethora of diseases.

Now the time of COVID-19, fitness clubs should take on the responsibility of seeing  that their facilities set up the best possible measures to prevent the spread and transmission of this global scourge. Provide additional hand sanitizers handwashing and disinfecting our hands is an effective means to prevent the spread of disease. By providing additional hand sanitizers in strategic areas around the gym, people are encouraged to disinfect their hands often. Preferably before and after handling gym equipment.

Refuse entry to individuals with flu-like symptoms. Some offices and commercial establishments already use non contact thermometers at all entry points and refuse entry to individuals whose body temperature would indicate a fever. The same should go for gyms. Also, individuals with colds, runny nose, coughs and other ailments should be encouraged to go home and rest until they are feeling better. Availability of disinfectant and paper towels to wipe down equipment. By now most of us know that the virus can survive on solid surfaces for hours. By providing spray-on disinfectants and paper towels in strategic areas, fitness centers provide the means to wipe away the virus and stave off infection.  Needless to say, gym equipment must be wiped down before and after use.

Impose quarantine measures to employees who have history of travel to China. Again, this practice, which is currently widespread in many companies in the Philippines, must be used by fitness centers. Take note that some of their employees, particularly fitness instructors, come in close contact with clients. Employees who traveled to China or any of its regions should be quarantined for 14 days, whether or not they exhibit flu-like symptoms. Taking it a step further, they can extend this quarantine to employees who have had a member of his or her household travel to China.

Surely the more reputable establishments are already practicing the above-mentioned steps.  Well and good.  After all, we go to the gym to be in the best of health to presumably live longer, more productive lives. Let us all take the necessary precautions to ensure that we emerge from our workouts stronger and healthier individuals.

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