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When i hit the gym I see lot of people skipping the pull up and dip bars. It’s probably because they can’t do them or they don’t think is important like lifting weights. If you’re a beginner or been working out for years it is really important that you do pull ups and dips. It helps to creates the V in your body and weights will not create. Something about your body that shows you can do pull ups and dips. When your able to lift your own body and do it consistently it will help you in your goals to create a great physique. Pull up and dip muscle won’t leave you when times get ruff. You treat your body bad but those pull up and dip gains will stay longer till you are back fully at it again hitting the gym hard.

If you only did pull ups and dips and you stop working out for weeks or months the results you get from it will not go away as much as if you only lifted weights. When I first started working out i did not see positive results until i started doing pull ups and dips. When you lift weights the results will be there but pull up and dips will change the game. You will see the v shape in the upper body the back and chest going to huge.

I would try all different variations, from wide grip to close grip and do sets and reps. You can get pull up bars to use in your door way to  help you get some in while you are in your home. You can also put two chairs in between your body and do dips that way. I do my pull ups and dips in beginning when I workout or at the end of a workout so I can make sure I don’t lose touch with the thing that help me so much

You can start from scratch and do one then two and so on. You have to make it a goal and constantly work on it every day. Gyms usually have pull up-dip stations where you can put your knees on a pad and it will help you depending how much weight you need to lift yourself up with. You can have a gym partner, friend, son, daughter or whoever give you a spot with lifting your legs as you try to do a pull up and same with dips. Pull ups and dips are the ingredients to have the body you want. It will help with all aspects of your life and fitness. Its the best exercise you can do to improve your physique and have the body of your dreams.

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