Hip Mobility

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The Rock

The hips are the power source for so many  activities especially athletes. We know that Squats, Lunges and other similar exercises help you get stronger and perform better. But great efforts can be at hault if hip mobility and range of motion is not at par.

Strength and power can be expressed if we ⁿmove in and out of athletic positions quickly and easily. That’s a matter of muscle strength, but are often restricted from tightness. From a runner’s best stride to jumping technique, to being able to extend your leg while rock climbing, adequate flexibility plays a key role in performing our best.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take hours of dedicated practice time to take care most of our issues. Most of us aren’t training to be contortionists. We just need to get our hips moving in the best range of motion for our chosen sport. The hip mobility routine can either restore what you’ve lost, or much preferably, prevent those losses from happening.

Here’s 5 basic mobility exercise you can start and gradually increase:  lying hip rotation, butterfly stretch, frog stretch, kneeling lunge, pigeon pose.

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