Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy is a type of neurological disorder that causes problems with the muscles, bones, and nervous system. Cerebral palsy is caused by brain injury sometime before birth, but can happen by physical trauma or severe illness early in life.

Now, when you exercise it has benefit to reduce cerebral palsy. Exercise is good for everyone. Exercise promotes good blood circulation, it works on cardiovascular and muscular strength, and it makes you feel better. These are all the same reasons for why exercise is good for children with cerebral palsy, even though exercise for a child with cerebral palsy is a little more of an important focus than on the everyday person.

Children’s that have cerebral palsy needs to be active on exercise to strengthen their muscles, balance, and gait. Exercise on daily basis will work on the balance and  strength then leads to the focus on gait. Working on their gait helps with endurance and general exercise related wellness. It  allows them to learn on how to be more independent and be physically better for them in the long run.

When children’s takes the time to exercise, they will sleep better, feel better, and be more alert. Children’s with cerebral palsy can enjoy the same benefits, the biggest influential reason for having your children with cerebral palsy exercise is because as they get stronger, their overall coordination and balance can greatly improve.

While it might be frustrating or discouraging when they miss a step or miss a point in therapy, the exercises and practice get them up to a point when they can walk on their own, or at least walk with the aid of a walker. This is perhaps one of the biggest and most important goals for a child with cerebral palsy not only because their outcome and long term life goals are more free and open, but because they get a sense of independence that they might not otherwise get.

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