Causes of Stress

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You can be stressed out different ways whether be work stress or life stress. It’s an experiment we all go through. We don’t know when it’s coming but when it comes it’s definitely going to hit you hard. I think stress is normal part of our life. Sometime, it serves a useful purpose in life. Stress can help you motivate to get  promotion at work. But if stress not handle properly and become long term it can seriously interfere with your job, family life, and health.

Here’s some causes of work stress: being unhappy in your job, having heavy workload to much responsibility, working long hour,working under dangerous condition, facing discrimination or harassment at work, having poor management unclear expectations of your work, being insecure about your chance for advancement, risk of termination.

Life stress can have a big impact. Here’s some examples of life stress: divorce, loss of a job, increase in financial obligation, death of love one, getting married, moving to new home, chronic illness or injury, emotional problem(depression, anxiety, anger,grief,guilt, traumatic event(natural disaster, theft, rape, violence.

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