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First off, sexercise has health benefits. it’s healthy you just have to bang. Keep banging and banging till you get better and for you to get better you have to practice banging. More you bang more you learn. You expand the horizon and you learn new things. Important thing about sexercise it helps your certain muscle groups to build strength, flexibility, and stamina.

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If your going to try certain position like standing missionary and have vigorous sex more then 10 min then you have to stay in shape. If you’re doing it right, then it engages the whole body. But there are other muscle groups that takes the beating like glutes, quads, core and upper body. Sex is like a hip thrusting workout. Your glutes act on the hip through the action of extension, which is why stretching the hip flexor is important like strengthening the glutes. Quads are involved in hip flexion, working in opposition to the glutes. Quads are a good mix of fast twitch strength producing and slow twitch endurance producing muscles, but for sexual purposes I go with endurance.

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Strengthening your core helps you use your other muscles and body parts more effectively. Core also strengthens stamina, allowing you to perform much longer. it’s good to have a strong upper body for sex, because it supports the weight of your or your partner’s body. A strong upper body takes the load off the legs to allow freedom of movement and mobility. For kinkier positions the upper body will support you upside down, sideways, and backwards. Stretching is important, lack of mobility can be a huge bummer once you’re in the mood and the hormones are surging. Having more mobility and flexibility helps to seamlessly move through positions you don’t want to pull anything while in the middle of intercourse.

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Here are some workout for better sex: Weight training, Kegels, Yoga ,Glute Bridge, Fast walking, Swimming, Plank, Push-up, Squats, Upward facing dog. Here some sex position to burn calories: Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggy Standing, Lotus, Arch, Wheelbarrow.

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