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Exercise has been touted as a way to enhance physical health, fitness, and wellness. Now, many physiotherapists have gone a step further, and are even prescribing exercise to their patients in much the same way a doctor would prescribe medicine. An exercise prescription is a basic plan or program of activity designed by professionals to enhance the well being of a patient. It may also be called by the names exercise on prescription, exercise is medicine, green prescription, or exercise programming. Many doctors and physiotherapists believe exercise can benefit a host of debilitating diseases and conditions including:

Asthma, Coronary heart disease, Depression, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension (high blood pressure) Decreased bone density, Decreased muscle mass, Osteoarthritis, Peripheral artery disease (PAD), Obesity.

In addition to prescribing exercise, it is usually recommended that the client stops smoking, eats a healthier diet featuring more fruits and vegetables along with good fats, manages stress, and sets a target body weight as a long-term goal. If you enjoy this post please don’t forget to like share follow or comment.