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My title marijuana got me high. Writing my story accidentally hit publish. Damn, I’m really high. Can’t stop laughing. you guys hilarious. honestly, hear me out my story. I workout almost every day it’s not because I want to get real big or trying to lose weight. but simply because I’m more productive on days I work out. Exercise makes it easier for me to stay focused and think creatively. I love the feel good endorphins. which, help me be a nicer, happier person. Plus, being in shape makes me feel great. The secret to my workout success? Marijuana.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking but hear me out.

Before I started using marijuana for exercise, my relationship with the gym was not great. At young age, my bad habits was getting stuff quicker and exercising was taking longer. I wanted the easy way getting big.(hot women be all up on me.) So exercise didn’t go we’ll. but you know what went well. the first time i smoke weed.

I smoked weed for the first time at the end of my softmore year of high school. I was over at my boy house and had a few hours to kill before going home, so I went to the gym. It was the best workout of my life. I’m high and working out. feeling big like hell. happy exercise made me fall in love. Lol. exercise went from me not liking it. exercise now im euphoric. I didn’t even look at the weights big or small. I was just experiencing the music moving looking at the wall. Im high. My story. Real talk. to be continue. Y’all wanna hear more then like me, share me, follow me,or comment me. Hope ya not bore.