Kegels During Sex

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You’ve probably heard of the pelvic floor exercise or kegel exercise, it’s good for the pelvic floor muscles. Men and Women can both do them to help enhance their pelvic floor tone, which may result in stronger or more pleasurable orgasms. For men, doing Kegel exercises may also help you to become more aware of your bodily sensations and better control the timing when you ejaculate so you can learn to last longer if you want to. Kegels can be fun to do while watching TV, waiting for the red light or riding the train to work and even when your bored at work. But you and your partner can also try Kegels during sex. Next time you’re having sex, ask her to squeeze your penis with her pelvic floor muscles. It starts the contractions you might feel as she’s on her way to orgasm and can be quite pleasurable. You can also try them maybe even make your penis dance which can feel good along her front vaginal wall,where the G Spot is. Kegel exercises are free, easy to do, and can be a fun part of sex. And Yes Last Longer in Bed.😃💪