Fitness Salah Prayer

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This is Interesting, The Physical Benefit of Islamic Prayer Can Strengthen The Faith and Fitness. It’s a Spiritual Practice Performed by Muslim Believers all Over The World Pray Five Times a Day. The Prayer Requires Worshiper to Move Through Several Distinct Bodily Postures While Reciting a Specific Supplication. The Salah Involves a Certain Levels of Physical Activity Which Includes Standing, Bowing Prostration and Sitting Consecutively. Each Position Involves the Movement of Different Parts of the Human Body in Ways That Some Muscle Contract Isometrically(same length) and Some Contract in Isotonically (same tension). The Prayer Movements Would Enhance Flexibility and General Muscular Fitness. This Results in Moderate Physical Exercise Particularly to the Large Muscle Group and Encourage Health and wellbeing. Beside Being a Excellent Form of Exercise. Physical Activity Breaks the Monotony of Chores.