Anxiety & Depression

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Can exercise help? Well, Everybody knows when doing regular physical Activity and the benefits from exercise, such as improving their bodies with muscles and fighting off disease. It’s the best natural way to encourage and recommend others to stay active and become more physically fit. However, exercise is also a key for maintaining your mental fitness. Physical Activity or exercise can reduce fatigue, improve concentration and alertness, and enhance your overall cognitive function. It’s helpful if stress has fully engaged your ability to concentrate or exhausted your energy.The brain has many nerve connections, so when stress hits it, the rest of your body feels it.When the body feels good, the mind feels good. Exercise helps to produce endorphins, which like chemicals in the brain act like a painkiller. Exercise can also help you sleep better, which can reduce stress. exercise regularly can decrease your tension levels, stabilize and elevate your mood, improve selfesteem, and improve sleep patterns. Even just five minutes of exercise each day can stimulate the anti-anxiety effects.