Is Exercise The Main Cure For All Types of Disease?

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Is exercise the main cure for all type disease? What do you think? Is it true? You should think about it and give me a respond tomorrow. Nah, let’s do it today cause I can’t promise my self tomorrow. Well, I been studying physical activity for 1+ years and I been physically active for 2+ years and it change my life. I went through medical and health problem. But let’s skip my side and get down to the point. It’s not about exercising for weight loss, though most people know there’s a connection. But I’m going with physical activity for health. Exercise repeatedly has been shown to help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, overweight and obesity, osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, depression and anxiety, and even some forms of cancer. And sure, if there were a pill with all these benefits  with some very side effects everybody would ask to have it prescribed.

Truly, exercise is medicine, and it’s really available to everyone. It’s little required to get started like example: walking, jogging, running or jump-rope even playing with your children is free of charge. Irecommend it, and I don’t even know your kids. People of any physical condition can become more active and start feeling better. No prescription is needed, though more and more physicians are calling for specific doses of exercise for their patients. If you like this leave a comment.