Why You Should Reconsider Saving Passwords With Google Smart Lock

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Hi, Everyone. Hope all is well. I Would Like to Share with Everybody About my Situation. Two Week’s ago, My  Facebook Account and Business Page got Hacked and all my Other Social Network Account’s was in Jeopardy, so I had to Delete all my Accounts for Safety of Other’s. My Business Page Physical Abtivity Ruined by Someone who Got  Jealous of my Creativity and Wanted to see me downfall. Pray and Pray for My Downfall. My Business Page is all Messed up. I have to start over.😥 Please Everyone, If you using Android Phone Don’t use Google Smart Lock to save Password to Link Accounts and Apps. You be Better off Remembering Passwords to Login in. The Person that did this is Someone I know. I don’t even know what to do. I’m happy to be back blogging with WordPress.