Dumbbell Full Body Workout

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If your serious about working out to get in shape and be healthy. But you don’t know where to start. How many days should i workout 5 days 7days, I don’t know can some body help me. Don’t worry I can offer you some advice. If you are really serious then you start with the full body workout 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You take 4 days break relax your muscle and make sure to eat healthy. Meal preparation plays big part. Your workout consist of dumbbell goblet squat, dumbbell left and right lunges, dumbbell over head press, dumbbell side lateral raise, isometric bicep hold & curl, dumbbell dead lift, bentover Tricep extension. You got it. No, it’s to much im new to this. Okay beginners start with 10lb dumbbell intermediate 15lb and advance 20lb. Its sets 3 sets 5-7-8 reps(beg) 8-10-12 reps (int) 10-15-20reps(adv) you got it. No what are these numbers and what is sets and reps. Do you need a workout Buddy you know what I’m going to workout with you show every thing and it’s no charge for free.