Do you think couples should workout together?

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Honestly, if you had ask me that 5 years ago. I would have told you hell nah. she like 80lbs what she going to help me with. she can’t even lift 10lb. she can’t even carry her 5 year old brother. Lol! You funny. thats what I would have said. but now, I would love workout with my girlfriend. working out together increases your emotional bond. she can be my motivation and pushing each other. Exercising together makes you feel more emotional attach to your partner. keep each other on track makes you a powerful positive force in each other’s lives. working out together increase overall happiness with your relationship. couples who workout together and support each other with exercise feels more Satisfied in their relationship. yeah baby! yeah. exercise drives your symptoms of psychological arousal which will led to stronger connection in the bedroom. yeah baby! yeah I’m happy I’m sure all the fellas happy. But do you think I can workout with my girlfriend dressing like that. YEAH BABY i’m sure this fine BEAUTIFUL women don’t mind getting sweaty with me.

Yeah Baby