You Want to Know How to Get Muscle in 5 sec?

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You Really Want to Know How? I Always Try to Come up With Some Thing Just To Get Everybody Attention. Can You Really Gain Muscle Doing 5 Pushup in 5second Everday. i Say YES, i Know a Guy That i Was Working 9-5 With Long Time Ago. Did 1 Pushup a Day For The Next Thirty Day and He Got Fit Got Muscle He Got Used to Doing it And He Started Doing 50 push Non Stop And Now He Professional Trainer And He So Dedicated And Focus Went From Real

Skinny to Muscle im Happy For Him he Thank Me For Making Him do 1 Push That Day im Like Man You Thank Yourself. Anything is Possible if You Put Your Mind in to it Pushup is a Start That Will Led Your Body to do More and my 5 sec Video is Giphy That i Made For Instragram to Post. i Already did One Hundered Pushup That Day i Just Want to Share With Everyone That 1 Exercise a Day Can Led You to a Better Healthy Quality Life.