Do You Want To Know What Happen To Me on Friday?

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I Remember This Day Very well January 17 2019. The Day Before My Birthday. I was Exercising Heavy All Push Up From Wide to Standard to Diamond to Decline to Incline I Was Really Buffed I Was Getting Ready For The Maint Event The Fight Everybody Was Waiting For.. AB-DABUTCHER VS DEEBO. The Friday After Next!😄 WIDEPUSHUP: 3 set 40-35-30rep STANDARD PUSHUP: 5 set 30-20-20-15-15rep DIAMOND PUSHUP: 7 set 20-16-14-10-15-15-10rep INCLINE PUSHUP: 4 set 30-25-25-20 rep DECLINE PUSH-UP: 6 set 14-16-20-15-15-20 rep that’s 500 pushup with 2 min break finished it in 45 min..that felt good Friday After Next.