Why Physical Activity is Very Important?

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Do You Know How Important Life is? Do You Value Life? Do You Want to Live Long? The Reality is That We All Need to Make Physical Activity Part of Our Daily Life. When You do Regular Physical Activity You Will Have Long Term Health Benefits. People From All Over The World With Different Shape And Size Can Benefit From Physical Activity. The More Physical Activity You do The More Health Benefit. Being Physically Active Can increase Your Chances of Living Longer, Feel Good About Yourself, No Depression, No Anxiety, You Sleep Well at Night,You Stay Fit, Stay Strong, Live Healthy,Be With Friend’s, Meet New People, Enjoy Yourself And Have Fun.When You Are Not Physically Active You Are More Likely to Get Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Stroke. Physical Activity Really Work if You Take The Time, The Effort, The Dedication, The Determination, And The Hard Work Will Definitely pay Off. Believe Me! If You Want Better Health Start Being More Physically Active And Start With The 150 Min Week Exercise. We Age Our Metabolism Slows Down So to Keep up The Energy, Balance, Flexibility Require Moving More,and Resting Less.