What Are Some Type of Physical Activity?

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I Know There Are 3 Types of Physical Activity. Light, Moderate and Vigorous. The Physical Activities That Qualifies For Health Benefits are Moderate and Vigorous. You Can Choose Moderate or Vigorous Activities or Mix Both Each Week. Activities Can be Considered Vigorous, Moderate and Light. But That Depends on Which Makes you Breath Harder And Your Heart Beat Faster. Only Moderate and Vigorous Activities Counts Toward Meeting Your Physical Activity Needs. With Vigorous Activities, You Get Similar Health Benefit Half of Time it Takes You With Moderate Activity. You Can Replace Some or All of Your Moderate Activity With Vigorous Activity. So You are Moving with Light Activity But it Do Not Increase Your Heart Rate So You should Not Count Light Activity For Health Benefit. LIGHT ACTIVITY: Walking, Shopping, Gardening, Baby Strolling And Doing Light House Work. MODERATE ACTIVITY: Walking Long Time, Bicycling, Dancing, Tennis, Golf( Walking and Carry Clubs) Water Aerobics, Canoeing and General Gardening. VIGOROUS ACTIVITY: Running, Jogging, Walking Very Fast, Bicycling Heavy Yard Work, Swimming, Laps, Aerobics, Basketball,and Tennis.

Mix burpees with Moderate or Vigorous your heart will definitely be pumping it had me looking like a mess