Try This 7 Leg & Glute Exercise for Lower Body Strength

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This 7 legs and glutes workout can be done any where in comfort of your home.When i first started this workout, it was hard for me in the begining, it was challenging and I challenge myself.I didnt want to give up,cause my lower body was already weak.I need to overcome this.I was constantly doing it,  Putting in the effort, the determination that led me to overcome the challenge and made this a routine good lower body workout. our legs and glutes have the biggest muscle group in the body and you don’t need no gym, no membership, and don’t need big weights to get a good this home exercise you can use body weight alone to get a good leg workout. and even if you happen to have a 10lb dumbell, then you can increase the challenge. if you cant then just body weight.this leg and glute workout will definitely strength your lower body. so give it try and the result will be good…Air Squat,Dumbell Squat,Lunges,Calf Raise,Donkey Kick,Side Lunges and Glute Bridge!!! 3 sets 10 rep #quadricep #hamstring #glute #abductor